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McAfee Heating & Air Headquarters in Dayton Ohio

Air Quality Experts Keeping The Air in Your Dayton Area Home Comfortable and Safe

Founded in 1990, McAfee Heating and Air Conditioning is committed to improving the quality of indoor air for residents of Dayton, Kettering, Centerville, and the entire Miami Valley area. We are a local company, supporting the local economy.

Quite simply, we have the most professional, well trained and friendliest team in the Dayton, Ohio area. Our service quality, attention to detail and cleanliness are consistently high when maintaining, installing or servicing your heating, air conditioning and air quality systems.

Meet the McAfee Leadership Team…

  • Greg McAfee

    Greg McAfee President

    Founder and President of McAfee Heating & Air Conditioning Co., Inc., Greg McAfee has always had a passion for doing things right. He came to Dayton in the early 1980′s; while working at Firestone and serving in the United States Marine Corps. That training and discipline has served him well in life. Greg began dreaming of having his own service business, and with a used pick-up truck and $274, Greg launched his dream from a garage. For 25 years, the company continues to install and maintain quality HVAC systems, provide cleaner indoor air quality from their air duct cleaning service, and is now a leading HVAC company in Ohio. McAfee has won many accolades. A three time winner of the Dayton’s Business Journal ” Best Places to Work” award, “Service Business of the Year”, HVACR- “Best Company to Work For”, along with several Integrity Awards.

    Greg is an author of “It’s My Your Dream“, a book used to build business. He’s an inspiring speaker and coach to other entrepreneurs and enjoys helping them get to the next level. Greg lives in Bellbrook, Ohio with his wife, Naomi, and two children, Travis and Tiffany.

    Visit Greg’s website at, and learn more about the
    McAfee Foundation, which helps many children each year.

  • Kevin T.

    Kevin T. Field Manager

    Kevin is one of a few that started with Greg in the garage. He is like an Assistant Coach in the field. He oversees our Installation, Service and Indoor Air Quality departments. Kevin has been a very competent, dedicated, and a very loyal team member for sixteen years. He runs a tight ship, starts early and leaves late and is well respected among the team. He was born and raised in Miamisburg and resides in that area with his wife and two children.

  • Angie D.

    Angie D. Customer Service Manager/Executive Assistant

    A long-time employee, Angie is a Customer Service expert who trains and mentors each of the Customer Service Team members. With boundless energy, expert attention to detail and real desire to deliver exceptional service Angie works hard to ensure that all systems and training are the best in the industry. She is also Greg’s assistant and is known as his right hand. Angie and her husband live in the Fairborn area with her three children.

  • Jim A.

    Jim A. Senior Comfort Advisor

    A seasoned sales professional and five years with McAfee Jim enjoys meeting new people and exceeding goals. Jim has won several sales awards while with McAfee and he knows how to bring comfort to many homes in the Miami Valley. Jim now helps train other HVAC sales people outside our area. He and his wife live in the Kettering area with their two children.

  • Candice S.

    Candice S. Accounting Manager

    With McAfee since 2008, Candice started out in the customer service department and steadily worked her way into our Accounting Manager position. She is one who loves organization, numbers, and variety; she is a fast learner and multi tasks very well. She keeps the bookkeeping balancing to the penny. Candice lives in the Beavercreek area with her family.

Meet the McAfee Comfort Specialists…

  • Andy R.

    Andy R. Comfort Advisor

    Andy brings HVAC system design and layout expertise to the team. He has great people skills and fits in well with the McAfee Team. Andy enjoys solving comfort problems and selling just the right system. He lives in the Huber Heights area with his family, and of course, a really cute dog.

  • Joanna B.

    Joanna B. Community Relations

    With a “can-do” attitude and eagerness to go the extra mile, Joanna represents McAfee within our community. She has a heart of gold and will do anything within her means to make anyone’s day just a little bit brighter. Joanna never meets a stranger. She lives in the Kettering area with her family.

Meet the McAfee Accounting Team…

  • Sara F

    Sara F. Accounting Assistant

    High energy and perfection can describe Sara. She brings several years of bookkeeping that enhances the McAfee team. With Sara, good is never good enough. She’s flexible and friendly. She lives with her husband and pet friends in the Miamisburg area.

Meet the McAfee Customer Service Team…

  • Amanda B.

    Amanda B. Lead Customer Service Representative

    Amanda is a fast learner who is very compassionate. She has moved up the ranks quickly. Amanda enjoys all of the positive communication in her work and truly appreciates the McAfee customers she serves. Amanda lives in the Bellbrook area, with her family.

  • Tabitha W.

    Tabitha W. Customer Service Representative

    For someone who really likes to work with others, schedule calls, and help customers, Tabitha has found a perfect spot with the McAfee Team. She truly cares about the customer she is serving. Tabitha also handles the pulling of permits and the inspection processes. She lives in the West Carrolton area with her family.

  • Jason

    Jason R. Customer Service Representative

    After proudly serving for our U.S. Navy, and taking a few years off to be a stay home Dad, Jason joined the McAfee Customer Service Team. He brings much experience to the team and enjoys serving customers. He lives in the Kettering area with his wife and four children.

  • Chris

    Chris G.Customer Service Representative

    Cool, calm, and collected best describes Chris. His unexpected humor is truly enjoyable. Chris has excellent rapport with our customers and is a great addition to our McAfee Customer Service Team. Chris lives in the Beavercreek area with his family.

  • Ali

    Ali P.Customer Service Representative

    With years of customer service experience, Ali has a devout passion for serving customers the way they want to be served. She is a quick-learner with a great attitude and up to any challenge she is given. Ali lives in the Kettering area with her family.

  • Miriam

    Miriam S.Customer Service Representative

    Miriam’s keen eye for detail and can-do attitude makes her a great addition to our McAfee Customer Service Team. With a love for gardening, perhaps live greenery may be in the near future for McAfee. Miriam lives in the Kettering area with her family.

  • Janice C.

    Janice C.Creative Assistant

    A keen eye for detail and unique ability to look beyond the surface, Janice is the key behind our Creative Department. She handles all social media, websites, etc. She is refreshingly honest and takes the “tell it like it is” approach in all her endeavors. Janice lives in the Kettering area with her family.

Meet the McAfee Service Team…

  • Chris B.

    Chris B. Lead Service Technician

    Chris came to McAfee as teenager and started in the garage with Greg. He worked hard, took additional classes and over the past 18 years, he has moved up the ranks. Whether in classes or one on one, Chris is known as the technical training guru and partakes in the training of all McAfee trainees. He is N.A.T.E. Certified and holds many other certifications. There is no HVAC issue that he can’t solve. Chris lives in the Kettering area with his wife and two children.

  • Jason G.

    Jason G. Lead Service Technician

    Jason started with McAfee during his Trade School year’s right out of high school as a Trainee. He had the desire to learn fast, and over the past ten years, has become a lead technician. Jason is N.A.T.E certified and is known to take on any job with a calm demeanor. He’s very consistent and positive. Jason lives in the West Carrolton area and enjoys spending time with his son.

  • Ron M.

    Ron M. Lead Service Technician

    When there is people around him, Ron is in is comfort zone. He enjoys the customers he serves and keeping them comfortable is Ron’s #1 priority. He is N.A.T.E certified and has many other certifications. Away from work he’s known as the “music man”. He lives in the Springfield area with his wife and children.

  • Dan W.

    Dan W. Service Technician

    After leaving General Motors, Dan didn’t sit around. He took a course in HVACR and started a new career for himself. His drive and motivation has placed him in a Service position ahead of schedule. When it comes to taking care of customers, Dan is the man. He lives in the Centerville area with his wife and children.

  • Mike C.

    Mike C.Service Technician

    With several years’ experience in the HVAC trade, Mike recently joined the McAfee Team. He is N.A.T. E. Certified and holds many other certifications. He is pleasant to be around and enjoys serving customers. He also minsters in prison ministry and teaches a church class. He lives in the Beavercreek area with his wife and family.

  • Roe H.

    Roe H. Comfort Club Service Technician

    If there was a word to describe Roe, it would be “thankful”. He is very thankful to be in the HVAC industry and to work with McAfee. Roe is very conscientious about his work and wants to make sure each customer is taken care of. His specialty is performing Comfort Club inspections. Roe lives the Dayton area with his wife and children.

Meet the McAfee Installation Team…

  • Kip D.

    Kip D. Lead Installer

    Kip is always happy and has a great attitude. He doesn’t let anything get him down. Kip started out in our sheet metal shop and transferred to the installation department and has worked his way up to Lead Installer. He cares about customers and quality. Kip is N.A.T.E. certified and holds other certifications. He lives in the Union area with his wife and child.

  • Denny C.

    Denny C. Lead Installer

    Denny’s nick name at McAfee is “Taz” because he’s 100mph most of the time. He is a very hard worker, strives for improvement every day and has fun doing what his does. Denny is working towards the N.A.T.E certification and has worked himself up the ranks. If there was a contest for farthest drive to work, Denny would win. He lives in the Greenville area with his wife and children.

  • Gary G.

    Gary G. Installer

    Gary serves in the Military Reserves and recently survived a tour in Iraq. He works at McAfee the same way as he has in the military by serving customers and working well with the McAfee team. Gary and his wife live in the Kettering area with their child. We’re glad this soldier is on our team.

  • Jason W.

    Jason W. Installer

    Former Marine and hard worker is Jason. He has a great attitude and we are glad he joined our team. Jason is a do whatever it takes kind of guy. He gets the job done with quality and on time. Jason lives in the Riverside area with his wife and children.

  • Erik C.

    Erik C. Installation Helper and Delivery

    After graduating HVAC trade school, Eric joined the McAfee team. He’s a hard worker that only sees the possible. He’ll dive into any job and get it done right. Eric lives in the Fairborn area with his family.

  • Garner M.

    Garner M.Installation Assistant

    Standing at 6’7″ he is by far the tallest McAfee Team member. He recently came to us from the New Jersey area. He is certified by the EPA and a certified welder. He is hard working and a great asset to the team. He lives in the Riverside area.

  • Landon B.

    Landon B.Installation Assistant

    After graduating HVAC Trade School, Landon joined our team. He is a very hard worker and being the youngest on the team, he has earned the name “Youngblood”. He lives in the Xenia area.

Air Duct Cleaning…

  • Mike K.

    Mike K. Lead Air Duct Cleaner

    Mike brings many years of management that adds the strength of the McAfee team. He is organized, dedicated and willing do what it takes to get the job done. Mike is also our Safety Coordinator. He lives in the West Carrolton area with his family.

  • James C.

    James C. Air Duct Cleaner

    Always thinking is James. He designed an air curtain to help keep the conditioned air in a home while performing the air duct cleaning. He is consistent and dependable. James lives in the Dayton area with his family.


  • Mac.

    Richard M. (Mac) Warehouse Manager

    Mac brings 40 years of warehouse experience to the McAfee team. He is dedicated, loyal and always early. Most are in amazement of such an organized stocking area. Mac lives in Huber Heights with his family.

Work for the Best…

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    This Could Be You! A McAfee Team Member

    If you’re one of the best HVAC technicians or installers, why not come work for the best? Call us at 438-1976, fill out the pre-application form, or fax your resume to Greg McAfee at 438-1919.

The “McAfee Way”

Every McAfee Team Member practices the “McAfee Way” of doing things. Out of our vision and mission come the core values that drive us, and enable us to provide complete customer satisfaction. Learn more about the “McAfee Way” by doing business with us. We’d love to earn your business, and once we do, we’ll never take your loyalty for granted.

You can trust our team of indoor air quality experts to keep the air in your home comfortable and safe.