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"We recently called for service on our a/c unit. The technician was there within 45 min. We were so pleased by the professional & super prompt response We are glad we chose McAfee to install our unit and would recommend them. The comfort club is also a good benefit"

- carol collinsworth

"I've used McAfee for the past 15 years and they are always on time and efficient!"

- Bev F.

"Hello Greg, I want you to know how much I enjoy your commercials on the radio. I listen to 1290 WHIO. You sound like a wonderful company and if I can ever have new A/C and furnace installed I will be calling you. Thanks again for the enjoyable commercials. Sincerely, Ronda"

- Ronda Eichelman

"Thanks for all of your great work."

- Zach

"McAfee crew was very professional,helpful, and clean. We had our air conditioning unit fixed, air duct cleaning service,and were pleased by the results. We highly recommended them."

- Jeannette & James

"McAfee installed an attic fan in my two story home. All I can say is WOW!!! What a difference! My upstairs is a good 5-7 degrees cooler! Thank you!"

- Nicole

"We recently had a new heating system installed by another company (Halo) our home warranty hired them. McAfee came out and did our comfort care check up (21 point check up). They found that the other company had the heating element set up way too high. It kept cutting out. So, thanks to your tech he had our system working right."

- Kayle Anderson

"McAfee heating and air are absolutely the best. The technician's are so polite and friendly and care so much about your carpets. They explain things so you can understand. We will always recommend them and always use them for our needs."

- Harold

"McAfee was absolutely amazing, good communication, and great customer service. They had me financed for a new A/C and Furnace within an hour, and were installing it the next day. As im sitting here writing this review they are here at my home doing a vent cleaning as well. They will be responsible for all future cleanings and service as far as this customer is concerned. In a time where most companies are only out to make a buck, its refreshing to see a company that still keeps the customer first. :)"

- J.R.

"Great service and experience. I have repeatedly had great experiences with McAfee Heating & Air Conditioning. The last visit was not an exception. The technician that came to my house was very professional and friendly and worked quickly and efficiently while going above my expectations in my air conditioner check up (cleaning the leaves from around the unit, for example). This has been my experience in every McAfee visit to my home. After the check up, the technician was willing to talk to a neighbor who was interested in a new furnace. The neighbor appreciated his knowledge and willingness to give his time."

- Kaitlin

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