Hybrid Systems

Who says you can’t have it all? Our McAfee “Hybrid” Comfort System gives just that! We combine a heat pump and a gas furnace to provide the ultimate in comfort and efficiency.

During the hot summer months, the heat pump keeps you cool. As autumn temperatures arrive, the heat pump keeps you warm. Once temperatures drop to a certain point, the gas furnace takes over for continued comfort.

No more paying for natural gas when you just want to take the chill out of your home in autumn and spring. The heat pump can be more cost effective in these temperatures than a gas furnace alone.

Why Buy a McAfee Hybrid?

  • Have peace of mind and stay more comfortable all year long
  • Gives you two heating systems
  • Higher efficiency year round
  • Substantial energy savings
  • Quicker pay back
  • Made in the USA

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How Much Could You Save?

By upgrading to a high efficiency air conditioner or heat pump, you could see substantial savings depending on:

  1. Current energy costs
  2. The efficiency of your existing system

Eight to ten-year-old systems generally have lower SEER ratings. Replacing an older system with a higher efficiency will quickly pay for itself in energy savings.

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