Greg McAfee's Apology

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"This is an emotional and painful time for our country, and my divisive words, on social media, have only added to this pain, and for that, I am truly sorry.

In the aftermath of recent events, I made comments on social media that were written out of frustration and ignorance that leave me with much regret. The intent of my post was to communicate a concern that the dozens of simultaneous riots and events causing harm to our great American cities and communities following the tragic murder of George Floyd seemed orchestrated and planned. However, as a group friends met with me, many which are African American, I now understand the depth and desire for real change and that desire for change should not only reside in the black community. As I tried to express my feelings on my post, I failed to realize the hurtful impact my words could and did have. As my careless words were being copied and pasted around the world, I didn't know what to do, so I removed my posts and turned off Facebook. Even though some of what was copied was taken out of context, I still realize why my comments were hurtful. Please know, that in no way do I believe that the horrific murder of Mr. Floyd was planned.

To the Dayton community, I am sorry for what I said. I take full responsibility for my choice of words and I offer my sincere apologies to everyone who was angered, saddened, and perhaps the hardest for me, let down by my actions. I ask for your forgiveness. I am seeking guidance to understand ways to avoid being insensitive to others.

Members of the Dayton community have taken me to task, and rightly so. We have loved serving here for the last 30 years and it pains me to know that because of my lack of judgement, I have wounded the community, which I love and my employees that reside here who rely on this company to provide for their families. Even though our opportunities to give have changed, we will find other ways to pay-it-forward to the children and youth within our community.

Like many of you, I pray for justice for Mr. Floyd and his family, and I fully support the peaceful protests taking place around our country and right here in the Miami Valley. I hope my actions going forward become part of the solution. I know that with the help of my family and friends, and the support of the community, I can and will do better. I'm not asking for you to give me your trust but I'm asking for the opportunity to earn it."

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