Eeew...What’s That Smell?

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Eeew...What’s That Smell?

Imagine for a moment... the season is changing, your hibernating yard is showing signs of waking. A much warmer sun combined with a light fragrant breeze washes over you, almost magically livening your dormant energy level and attitude towards everything - including household cleaning!

Spring, awe….near enough to be here! It’s the time of year when you want to bring the newness and beauty outside, and replicate it indoors. Not only do you find yourself dusting, mopping, and removing and cleaning light fixtures; but reviving your drapery, carpeting and furniture helps you take the cleaning to a whole new level. (I’m certain the cleaning enthusiasts out there can surely relate!) The much anticipated time is here…no more waiting! We finally get to take the yearly monumental step of switching our thermostats to “Cool”. Wow – feels good, right?    

And then it hits. “Eeew…what’s that smell?” The fresh aroma of spring cleaning has been replaced with a stench; reminiscent of well-worn gym socks after consecutive 90 degree days.  The term is coined “Dirty Sock Syndrome.” Yes, it’s a real thing. More scientifically it is caused when mold and bacteria accumulates on your evaporator coil indoors. This produces a foul, mildew smell when the air-conditioner is turned on. The noxious odor does not go away on its own, or simply get better after use.

Professional sanitizing of the evaporator coil by McAfee Heating and Air is the solution. (Sorry folks, this is not a project for the DIY’ers.)

Start your spring cleaning off the right way! Every McAfee 21 point precision tune-up includes a visual inspection of your evaporator coil. Becoming a Comfort Family Member allows you to save substantially on every McAfee service, including a “Dirty Sock Syndrome” treatment.

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